Trans-Ingur/i economic relations

A case for regulation, Vol. 2

This research estimates the scale and structure of trans-Ingur/i trade during the period from November 2013 to December 2014. It focuses on two tasks: firstly, to test the theory that, if the border between Russia and Abkhazia were to be closed during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, from 7 January to 21 March 2014 and the preparatory period from November 2013, the volume and variety of trans-Ingur/i trade would increase; and secondly, to identify individual, seasonal and more general, universal characteristics of trans-Ingur/i trade taking into account results of the previous markets monitoring (August 2012–January 2013), which attracted significant interest among Abkhaz and Georgian experts, civil society, the authorities and the business communities. (Русский/ქართული)