Rehabilitation of the railways in the South Caucasus, Vol. 2

Assessment of the potential economic benefits: Kars–Gyumri–Nakhchivan–Meghri–Baku railway

This report assesses the potential costs and benefits of rehabilitating the South Caucasus railways, in particular the Kars–Gyumri–Nakhichevan–Meghri–Baku railway. It looks at the expenditure required for restoring rail traffic, the potential profitability of the railway and how long it will take to achieve a return on investment. It also looks at the indirect positive economic and social effects that could arise from opening the railway. This is the second volume in a two-part series. Volume 1 looks at the Sochi–Sukhum/i–Tbilisi–Yerevan railway (published October 2013). (Русский)