Plural business partnerships for peace in Pakistan: Engaging the business community in building peace

This report outlines the process for developing a ‘Vision for Peace’ with business communities and provides five Action Plans showcasing how businesses can contribute to social cohesion in Pakistan.

It was produced as part of the the Plural Business Partnerships for Peace project in Pakistan, which aims to strengthen the peacebuilding impact of the European Union and its member states, It does this by supporting plural business partnerships and by building the capacity of the private sector to support community cohesion, promote business across disparities, and advocate for peace-sensitive business practices.

Two of the Action Plans were based on recommendations from a Vision for Peace jointly developed by the business community and other stakeholders in Lasbela district, which focused on the marble mining sector in Lasbela, Baluchistan. These Action Plans were designed to be implemented within a short time period and were implemented during the project period.

The remaining three Action Plans were based on International Alert’s engagement with the business sector through this project and relevant work in Pakistan.