International Alert’s partnership position


International Alert’s partnership position

At International Alert, we believe that violent conflict can only be resolved sustainably by those directly affected by it. Our local, national, regional and international partners are therefore central to our ability to contribute to positive social change.

Our collaboration with partners takes many forms, tailored to the opportunities and needs of the contexts in which we work. Anyone we work with to deliver peacebuilding outcomes is a partner.

Our national partners value our positive, respectful and flexible approach, as well as our technical and organisational capacity strengthening, which many feel has increased the impact of their work. However, many feel insufficiently involved in project design and fundraising, that budgets are inadequately resourced for sustainability, and that our financial processing, communication and learning from partners should improve, and that we could do more to connect partners with each other and support partner advocacy.

Over the next five years we want our peacebuilding to be increasingly locally led and locally managed. To ensure we build strong partnerships, we will work towards them being more equitable, effective, deep and diverse. We will monitor and report on our partnership progress annually.

Read more about this commitment in our partnership position.