Improving EU responses to gender and peacebuilding: Priority action areas for the European Commission

This briefing outlines the key findings of the recent study on Enhancing the EU Response to Women and Armed Conflict commissioned by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU, and discusses the recommendations in relation to the European Commission.

Although the EU has repeatedly committed itself to the need for the full implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security, current EU interventions in conflict-affected contexts lack a clear gender and conflict analysis and women continue to be marginalised from peacebuilding initiatives.

Five complementary areas for action are identified in this briefing for the European Commission in its work toward a more effective, coherent and coordinated EU response to gender and peacebuilding:

  • enabling strategic prioritisation
  • developing thematic and context-specific expertise
  • consulting with partners
  • providing adequate resources
  • integrating monitoring and accountability measures