Experiences and perceptions of young people in Tunisia: The case of Douar Hicher and Ettadhamen

This report outlines the preliminary findings from our survey of young people in the Tunis suburbs of Douar Hicher and Ettadhamen – two neighbourhoods marked by high unemployment rates, school drop-outs and insecurity.

The survey aimed to understand the experiences and perceptions of young people in these neighbourhoods, looking at educational and economic status, the relationship between young people and state institutions, and attitudes towards politics and religion.

Data was collected through a quantitative survey in June 2014. Interviews were conducted with 714 unmarried individuals aged between 18 and 34. Of these respondents, 60% were male and 40% female. Some 55.5% of the respondents came from Ettadhamen and 44.5% from Douar Hicher.

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