Ensuring progress in the prevention of violent conflict: Priorities for the Greek and Italian EU Presidencies 2003

The aim of this document is to highlight practical steps that the EU could take during the Greek and Italian Presidencies in 2003 to better implement and monitor the progress of the commitments made on conflict prevention.

The paper is aimed to provide support to the Presidencies, to member states, the Commission, the Council, parliamentarians and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in furthering the role of the EU in preventing violent conflict. 

The paper outlines five key issues for EU member states and the Commission to address during the Greek and Italian Presidencies to enhance the EU’s capacity to prevent violent conflict, namely mainstreaming conflict prevention policy and practice within European Community policy, strengthening EU-Africa engagement in conflict prevention, integrating crisis management with conflict prevention, tackling terrorism, organised crime and illicit trafficking, and enhancing co-ordination across EU institutions.