Dialogue on security guarantees in the context of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

Georgian and Abkhaz groups of researchers took part in this innovative project discussing current issues through research commissioned by each other.

The Georgian group of researchers examined questions related to the agreement on non-resumption of hostilities and presented a number of papers on related themes, as well as a summarised version of the researchers’ conclusions and recommendations.

The Abkhaz group researched questions relating to the agreement on the non-use of force and its importance for the resolution of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict, specifically examining international experience of guarantees for such agreements; the main phases of work done by the respective sides on such a document; and factors that influenced Georgian-Abkhaz relations.

The researchers exchanged research methodologies, and interim and final drafts, either using Alert as an intermediary or directly, and they had the opportunity to discuss their initial findings at a bilateral meeting.

With the understanding that open discussions between participants not burdened by political and public affiliation to exclusive groups will not, for a number of reasons, resonate further than a narrow audience, Alert undertook the publication of the present papers on topical themes as a way of continuing academic and public dialogue.