Conflict-Sensitive Employment Framework for construction and transport companies

When companies operate in fragile and conflict-affected settings, they encounter a range of particular problems, from corrupt state officers, tax departments and police to non-state armed groups attacking company facilities, staff and vehicles.

A few construction and transport companies in Afghanistan have developed strategies to mitigate these risks by negotiating with local elders, district development assemblies and local power holders about the planned construction projects or regularly passing trucks.

These experiences are worth spreading among construction and transport companies operating in Afghanistan and in other fragile and conflict-affected settings. They are not only in the self-interest of construction and transport companies, but also conflict sensitive.

They can also be developed further, based on the collection of approaches applied by different companies that have resulted in successful and sustainable project implementation in construction and transportation. However, each conflict-sensitive business and employment measure must be tailored to the particular local context and cannot simply be used as a blueprint.

This research was conducted as part of a project partnership between the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), The Liaison Office (TLO) and International Alert.