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Unheard Voices

Media professionals as actors for peace in the Nagorny Karabakh conflict context

This project was jointly conceived in 2014 by journalists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorny Karabakh who had been part of our previous work with the media.

It brings together media actors from mainstream and independent news agencies across the region to report on stories of ordinary people who have suffered as a result of the conflict, whose voices are not usually heard.

Representation of the conflict across the region is dominated by aggressive, often militant language, and negative stereotypes and dehumanising of the other sides. This perpetuates the isolation between societies and undermines the prospects for peace. Moreover, civil society and journalism standards are under-developed, and people have limited access to alternative points of view on the conflict and each other.

By contrast, the reports of journalists taking part in this project highlight the suffering caused by conflict, instead of the frequently pro-war rhetoric widespread in the media. This encourages societies to critically reflect on the human cost of the conflict, with the shared platform allowing readers to view materials from all sides, challenging stereotypes and isolation.

Through training and mentorship, the project has also improved the journalists skills to produce balanced, ethical outputs.

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