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Developing mediation capacities in Kyrgyzstan

Conflict mitigation and peacebuilding

This project oversaw the training of community mediators in the Jalal-Abad province of Kyrgyzstan.

Following the inter-ethnic violence of June 2010, the EU-funded Transition and Rehabilitation Alliance for Southern Kyrgyzstan (TASK) project was designed to mitigate sources and drivers of conflict, creating opportunities for social and economic development to relieve tension and to promote common peaceful interests. TASK united 16 NGOs that specialise in areas such as mediation, psychosocial support, legal aid, business grants, infrastructure rehabilitation, vocational education, agriculture and livelihoods.

Working in four of the country's seven regions, we provided three cycles of progressive, five-day trainings for 105 trainers in mediation, conflict analysis and conflict resolution. The training provided practical and theoretical knowledge of mediation, moving away from ‘evaluative’ mediation (when the mediator proposes solutions to the conflicting parties) and towards ‘facilitative’ mediation (when the mediator guides the conflicting parties to find solutions for themselves). We also provided mediation training for 750 people, including local community and religious leaders, the police force and prominent business people.

To support these efforts, we helped to develop a mediator code of ethics and a national registry of mediators, with a formal certification for mediators at the national level introduced to Parliament.

The project also influenced a law on mediation being developed at the time.