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Ancestral lands

Ensuring indigenous people are included in the governance of their ancestral lands

This project aimed to ensure that indigenous peoples help shape and benefit from economic opportunities and development in their communities.

Indigenous people lack the investment and skills needed to develop local economic opportunities, while insurgency, corruption and shadow economies undermine government support and deter regional investment. And despite laws protecting their rights, national policies continue to exclude indigenous peoples. This serves to exacerbate community-level conflicts.

We supported the inclusion of indigenous peoples in the economic governance of their ancestral lands and their participation in decisions that affect their lives. This included developing partnerships between indigenous peoples, local governments and the private sector to encourage dialogue and inclusive approaches to development in ancestral lands.

We provided indigenous peoples with the skills and knowledge they need to plan and govern their economy and development in a conflict-sensitive way. We also helped local governments and businesses to enforce inclusive business practices in ancestral lands.