Tunis’ postcode lottery

Last week International Alert Tunisia shared the initial findings of our survey on the perspectives of young people living in two of Tunis’ most deprived suburbs.

We interviewed over 740 people aged between 18 and 34 living in the neighbourhoods of Douer Hicher and Ettadhamen, seen as hotbeds for criminal activity and violent extremism. Through the survey, and when sharing the findings, young people spoke about the impact of the stigmatisation attached to their neighbourhoods. Many fear unemployment but do not see education as a way out – less than 28% pursue higher education. A sense of helplessness and frustration pervades:

  • 46% of respondents think their situation has deteriorated since the 2011 revolution, with corruption, exclusion from decision-making and a lack of state accountability persisting; and
  • 98.8% of young people in these areas feel that politicians do not represent their interests, perhaps indicating why young people look to more radical groups for a sense of belonging and voice.

On 21 October we held a press conference to present the findings to the media, followed by a public meeting on 22 October in Ettadhamen to present the results to young people and the authorities.

The full findings of the research will be published later this year. For more information, please contact Alert’s Country Director in Tunisia, Olfa Lamloum, at olamloum@international-alert.org

You can find coverage of the event in French on La Presse de Tunisie and Tuniscope. Our findings are also referenced in The Financial Times. Tuniscope recorded a presentation by Olfa Lamloum on the findings, conducted in Arabic, which is available below.

Photo © Callum Francis Hugh | Nawaat - Tunisia
Video © Tuniscope