'Diaspora Diaries': Call for Submissions

International Alert recently launched its Diaspora Diaries series to stimulate debate within and between diaspora communities on the nature of diaspora identity and connections and interactions with Sri Lanka.

We recognise that many voices are missing from this series, and would welcome contributions which will broaden the discussion.

  • What does it mean to you to be part of the diaspora?
  • How do you continue to relate to Sri Lanka, and how does this influence your actions regarding the country?

Join the debate by contributing your own video diary, photo story or written piece to: communications@international-alert.org

Diaspora diaries which fulfil the submission guidelines will be featured on the Alert website alongside the original series.

Video diaries and photo stories should be no longer than 10 minutes, and written submissions no more than 800 words, and may be accompanied by personal photos. Submissions will close on 31 December 2013.

How to submit your work

  1. Tag your piece with diasporadiaries in the file name.
  2. Send us your written piece or video to: communications@international-alert.org

Submission rules

  1. Videos must not be longer than 10 minutes in duration.
  2. Written pieces must be no more than 800 words in length and may be accompanied by personal photos. Photos should be at least 600dpi.
  3. Entries must be your original and previously unpublished work.
  4. The videos do not have to be professionally filmed or produced. You can use your computer, your webcam, your phone or any other video tool that conveys your story. Be creative!
  5. Entries will be accepted from any country, but must be in English or with English subtitles where appropriate.
  6. The work must not contain any offensive, lewd, slanderous, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate content.
  7. The work must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred, harm against any group or individual, or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  8. The work must not benefit any company, organisation, political party or official interest group through, for example, the use of logos, brands or representatives of corporations, parties or organisations.
  9. All music or images used in the video and photo stories and to accompany written pieces must not violate any copyright. International Alert accepts no liability for copyright infringement.
  10. International Alert reserves the right to use submitted material as part of the Diaspora Diaries series.
  11. By submitting videos, photos and written pieces, entrants agree to be bound by these rules.

All suitable videos and written pieces will be showcased on International Alert’s website.


23.59 (UK time) 31 December 2013

Watch the 'Diaspora Diaries' videos here.