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In the Caucasus and Central Asia we work with people affected by conflict to challenge attitudes and foster peace, and have established a regional business network.

A non-violent approach

International Alert is helping to promote non-violent approaches to conflict resolution in Kyrgyzstan.

We began working in the country following the inter-communal violence of June 2010. We are currently working in the province of Batken, training youth and community leaders in conflict analysis and mediation skills.

Mediation provides a useful alternative to more traditional forms of justice in Kyrgyz community, as it seeks to maximise the long-term needs of all parties, beyond making decisions about right and wrong.


Abkhazian Television as a mirror of the times

(Русский) Continuing our ‘Caucasus Dialogues’ series on ‘Tolerance and conflict’, International Alert asked journalist and photographer Ibragim Chkadua to comment on the role of television in shaping discourse and national identity. Here, Ibragim outlines the changing role of the official Abkhazian Television channel through periods of political change in Abkhazia and offers his recommendations for reform.

Абхазское телевидение как зеркало времени

(English) В продолжение нашей серии «Толерантность и конфликт» организация International Alert обратилась к журналисту Ибрагиму Чкадуа с просьбой прокомментировать роль телевидения в формировании дискурса и национальной идентичности. Здесь мы публикуем его ответ, в котором подчеркнута меняющаяся роль официального канала абхазского телевидения на протяжении периода политических изменений в Абхазии и приведены рекомендации по реформам. Ибрагим Чкадуа, журналист/фотограф.

International Alert launches report on peacebuilding lessons from Northern Ireland for the Nagorny Karabakh context

Independent peacebuilding NGO International Alert has launched a research report titled ‘Mechanisms of Public Participation and Multi-Track Diplomacy in Peace Processes: Lessons from Northern Ireland’. The report is written by a regional group of experts and seeks to engage the societies affected by the Nagorny Karabakh conflict in discussing the conclusions of this comparative study, which was carried out in 2013 with the support of International Alert.

Sochi Olympics - An opportunity for peace?

The Sochi Olympic Games are taking place in a region of tightly interwoven conflicts, the roots of which lie as much in contemporary military, political and social upheaval and the post-soviet geo-politics as in historical events and their various interpretations among different Russian and Caucasian populations.

Peace and the Sochi Olympics

Tonight the Sochi Winter Olympics officially began with a spectacular, ambitious and virile (though at times also somewhat camp) opening ceremony in keeping with the more than $50bn reputedly spent on these games. Sochi is in the Russian Caucasus, a region well-known for instability and conflicts since long before it was annexed to the Russian Empire in the 18th and 19th Centuries, and still well-known for conflicts today. So it’s perhaps appropriate that the Olympics are being held there, given the common association of the Olympics with peace. But are the Olympics really about peace?

Tolerance and conflict


The latest articles in our Caucasus Dialogues series explore the link between conflict, intolerance, violence and governance in the South Caucasus.

Media ethics in the Nagorny Karabakh context

Last month we organised a residential training course in Tbilisi for 13 Armenian and Azerbaijani media professionals on journalism ethics and experiences of working across borders in the context of the Nagorny Karabakh conflict.

Сирийские репатрианты - адаптация и интеграция

(English) Арифа Капба - Kорреспондент Абхазской государственной телерадиокомпании (АГТРК), автор передачи о деятелях искусства. Введение