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In the Caucasus we work with people affected by conflict to challenge attitudes and foster peace, and have established a regional business network.

Regulating trade across conflict divides

International Alert has published two reports on regulating economic relations across the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict divide.

The reports are part of ongoing work to assess the potential of mutual economic interest as a basis for conflict transformation in the region.

Регулирование торговли через спорные границы

В данной публикации рассмотрено три примера временных нормативно-правовых рамок для ведения торговли: Тайвань-Китай, Косово-Сербия и Кипр (Республика Кипр и Северный Кипр).

Транс-ингурские экономические отношения

Данное исследования оценивает масштабы и структуры транс- ингурской торговли в период с ноября 2013 года по декабрь 2014 года. Этот мониторинг является вторым после мониторинга транс-ингурской торговли, проведенного в период с августа 2012 до января 2013 года.

Picking sides: The end of the independence option for South Ossetia

This blog was first published on the European Leadership Network here. The Agreement on Alliance and Integration between Russia and South Ossetia signed on 18 March was South Ossetia’s most significant political event in recent years. The manner in which the agreement emerged was so opaque that it is difficult to get the whole picture from open sources, unless you follow the discourse closely and have regular contact with people from across South Ossetian society.

No more violence

The aim of this project is to contribute to curbing the levels of violence against women and girls in Tajikistan. It seeks to create a socio-economic environment that enables women to enjoy greater protection from sexual and gender-based violence, with a particular focus on domestic violence.

The human cost of conflict

International Alert’s new brochure showcases and reflects on the work of Unheard Voices, an innovative EU-funded project bringing together media professionals from major mainstream and independent media ou