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In the Caucasus we work with people affected by conflict to challenge attitudes and foster peace, and have established a regional business network.

As conflict in Ukraine continues - what of Chechnya?

Recently, Russian socio-political discourse has been buzzing on a new topic, widely discussed in Russian society and by experts, but less so by the political elite and by international experts. The topic of discussion is rather significant and serious, and could mark the beginning of a new trend in the relationships between Chechnya and Russia, Chechnya and the Kremlin, and Chechnya and the rest of the North Caucasus.

The importance of a more holistic approach to 'peacebuilding' in South Ossetia

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is read the news. I scan as many sources as I can depending on the time I have available. Many years of doing this have convinced me that nothing is written without a reason. It is as the Russian poet Mayakovsky wrote, that even if the stars are lit, it means someone needs it. A few days ago I read that the South Ossetian parliament had discussed a draft law "on subsoil and subsoil use in the Republic of South Ossetia", banning the import of nuclear waste into the republic.

Culinary dialogue in Armenia and Turkey

International Alert and the Caucasus Business and Development Network (CBDN) will present the results of their initiative ‘Recipes for peace’ at “Slavyanskiy Dvor” 246/1, Vardanants Square, Gyumri, Armenia on 31 of May 2015 from 14:00 to 16:00.

Recipe for peace: Ktrac apur/Kesme aşi (ARMENIA/TURKEY)

As part of our Recipes for peace series, each week we feature an inspiring dish to celebrate the varied - and tasty - ways in which food can play a role in building peace.

The view from the other side

In March International Alert organised a two-day journalist school in Tbilisi for media professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorny Karabakh.

Regulating trade across conflict divides

International Alert has published two reports on regulating economic relations across the Georgian–Abkhaz conflict divide.

The reports are part of ongoing work to assess the potential of mutual economic interest as a basis for conflict transformation in the region.

Регулирование торговли через спорные границы

В данной публикации рассмотрено три примера временных нормативно-правовых рамок для ведения торговли: Тайвань-Китай, Косово-Сербия и Кипр (Республика Кипр и Северный Кипр).

Транс-ингурские экономические отношения

Данное исследования оценивает масштабы и структуры транс- ингурской торговли в период с ноября 2013 года по декабрь 2014 года. Этот мониторинг является вторым после мониторинга транс-ингурской торговли, проведенного в период с августа 2012 до января 2013 года.