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In Europe we address community tensions and violence in the UK, and train European government officials on their role in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

A continent of peace?

In the latest edition of our Peace Focus series, A continent of peace?, we identify some of the factors underlining rising tensions and insecurity within Europe – in particular in European Union (EU) member states – and the challenges this poses to the resilience of citizens and communities.


Telling the untold stories of good relations in England

International Alert, in collaboration with Talk for a Change (a community interest company), has been working on a project called ‘Building a Voice for Good Relations in England’ since 2013, funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Oxfam.

Building good relations in England

‘British values’, ‘too many migrants’, ‘Trojan horses’, ‘skivers versus strivers’. Heated national debates about issues such as identity, integration and fairness increasingly set one group against another in England.

But what goes on at the local level? Are good relations across different social groups and identities even possible? And who is doing the invisible ‘social glue’ work, strengthening social bonds and trust across differences, and developing a sense of shared place and purpose?

The price of human life after the MH17 tragedy in Ukraine

On the evening of 17 July I met up with an old friend and former colleague. We were enjoying the pleasant weather and anticipation of the weekend, dining on an open terrace in central London, chatting somewhat naively about this and that, including the crisis in Ukraine and how to address it. Oblivious to the breaking news, we had absolutely no idea that the context we were discussing had fundamentally changed.

Promoting positive diaspora voices

Download the toolkit hereInternational Alert and its partners have published a toolkit on the challenges and opportunities of working with young people from diaspora communities in the UK.


How myths and narratives are dominating events in Ukraine

I have always admired the expressiveness of the Russian language. Popular turns of phrase that have become enshrined in everyday language reveal quite colourfully Russians’ attitudes towards themselves and ongoing events. In particular I am struck by the way Russians reflect on failure with easy humour, as captured in the phrase ‘they hoped for better, but it turned out as usual’. This particular phrase keeps coming to mind when thinking about the Ukraine crisis. Europeans, Russians and Americans alike all meant well, but what we got was something quite different.

EU election results: A symptom of a less peaceful Europe?

This blog was first published in The Huffington Post here. Since the last European elections were held in 2009, five EU countries - Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus - have required bailouts, and unemployment across the continent has remained persistently high, particularly among young people.

Divisive narratives around migration can fuel tensions in communities

This blog post was first published in The Huffington Post here. According to a YouGov poll published for the first time since the start of the financial crisis, the economy no longer tops the list of issues the British public is most concerned about: immigration is now on a par with the economy, with 52% or respondents saying it's the main issue facing the UK today.