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In Europe we address community tensions and violence in the UK, and train European government officials on their role in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

#peacehack 2015

In September, International Alert ran its first international #peacehack series, with hackathons taking place in Barcelona, Beirut, Colombo, London and Washington DC. We're pleased to announce the winners below.


Winner: Safegees

Promoting positive voices in diaspora communities

The ‘Promoting positive voices in diaspora communities’ project was undertaken from June 2011–14 and was a partnership between Alert and two development education centres (DECs): Lancashire Global Education Centre and Global Education Derby, as well as Y Care International and YMCA Hayes. The project activities were targeted at young people from diaspora communities in three localities in England: London, Derby and Brierfield.

Violent extremism in the UK: A plea for evidence-based policy

"If No. 10 says bloody 'evidence-based policy' to me one more time I'll deck them," said Louise Casey, a British government official working in social welfare, back in 2008. Yesterday, she was asked by Prime Minister David Cameron to head up a "review of ways to boost opportunity and integration in the most isolated and deprived communities" in Britain.

New counter-extremism laws must not cut out spaces for dialogue

This blog was originally published in openDemocracy on 19 May 2015. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, commonly described as the foundation of the freedom of the individual and the protection of liberty, and often regarded as the cornerstone of 'British values' of justice and fairness.

Talking Peace podcast: Episode 1

We are pleased to present Episode 1 of our Talking Peace podcast, bringing you news and analysis of peace and conflict around the world.

Promoting peace in Syria

Syrian Platform for Peace logoInternational Alert is helping to create a new diaspora network for promoting peace in Syria called the Syrian Platform for Peace.


Homerton and Hebdo: Thoughts on violence in and from the margins

On Wednesday last week, as the world knows, three men attacked the staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 12 people and wounding eight. The night before a 17-year-old was murdered just off the high street in Homerton, east London, about 15 minutes' walk from where I live. In and around Paris, by the end of Friday, the death toll had reached 20, including two of the three killers, plus a third man, who himself had killed five more.

Peacebuilding begins at home: Addressing rising tensions and insecurity in Europe

This prescient blog was written before the tragic events in France last week, sparked by a shooting at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, and suggests three pressing reasons for the European Union to re-establish itself as a peacebuilding instrument in the minds of the general public. It was originally published on openDemocracy.