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In Europe we address community tensions and violence in the UK, and train European government officials on their role in peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

Voice of youth

This research has been undertaken by the young people involved in the ‘Promoting Positive Diaspora Voices’ project. The group consists of young people aged 15-20 years old from Brierfield and Nelson (East Lancashire), Hayes (west London) and Normanton (Derby).

Report urges support for work to strengthen good relations in communities across England

A new report published today (Monday 7 April) says there is an urgent need to support organisations working to achieve good relations in communities throughout England.


This project aims to counter racist and xenophobic speech among politicians seeking (re-)election to the European Parliament in 2014. It will provide a voice for those who are targeted by such attacks and marginalised in society, including migrants and minorities. We will draw on the commonalities facing people from minority and migrant communities in four European countries: Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and UK to produce key messages that will counter racist and xenophobic speech.

Bridging the gap

Delegation of Sri Lankan MPs in LondonLast month International Alert facilitated a visit by a group of young cross-party Sri Lankan MPs to London, as part of an ongoing effort to strengthen engagement with Sri Lankan diaspora communities in the UK.

Thinking about a demilitarised Britain

Earlier this month I spent two days in the company of many familiar, and some unfamiliar, faces discussing the idea of a demilitarised Britain. The 20 participants were a mixture of practitioners, academics and activists known to and convened by Diana Francis, the former president of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation and former Chair of the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support. The stimulus for our discussion was an article written by Diana entitled ‘Making peace globally’. As you can imagine, the exchange was very wide-ranging, but very rich in substance and ideas.

Promoting positive voices in diaspora communities

This project aims to raise awareness, and develop best practice and understanding on how to best engage and work with UK-based diaspora communities on peacebuilding and development issues in their countries of origin or heritage. It focuses on helping young people to understand why conflict has taken place in their countries of heritage and researching how diaspora communities engage with UK and EU policy-makers, highlighting the barriers for increased engagement.