A Journey Together for Syria

As we enter the eighth year of the conflict in Syria, with no clear end in sight, join us on a journey with young Syrians across Europe and the Middle East who are building a global network for peace.

Millions of young people have been forced to leave Syria and make their homes in new countries around the world. They face many challenges, dealing with the trauma they have faced, learning new languages and cultures, education and employment, making new connections and staying in touch with other Syrians who have been dispersed around the world.

A global network for peace

Over the next few months we will follow the inspiring stories of young Syrians and young people from their host communities who are working together to make their voices heard locally and internationally and build a better future.

Start the journey

The Aswat Faeela (“Active Voices”) initiative brings together Syrian youth and young people from the Middle East and Europe, to work together to build peace and advocate for positive change. They are learning how to lead action research, advocacy campaigns and social action projects in their communities. Using their skills, these young activists are transforming the challenges they face into opportunities, creating their own solutions to help with peacebuilding, creating economic opportunities and social cohesion.

In the following weeks and months, you’ll get to know more about these young people and how they are building peace. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to hear their stories as they join #TogetherForSyria

Join Together For Syria

Share their journeys to inspire more communities to work together to build peace.

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The project is funded by the European Commission​, led by the British Council and implemented through a consortium of partners (including International Alert, Search for Common Ground and Globally Connected).