The Crossing

Small-Scale Trade and Improving Cross-Border Relations between Goma (DR Congo) and Gisenyi (Rwanda)
Celestin Kimanuka
Maria Lange
International Alert
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London, UK
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September 2010
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Tushiriki Wote (Let’s all participate)
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The small-scale cross-border trade in agricultural products between DRC and Rwanda constitutes a survival economy sustaining thousands of people on both sides of the border. This report analyses this trade between the towns of Goma (DR Congo) and Gisenyi (Rwanda) and the relationship between Congolese and Rwandese women traders, in order to understand the impact that improving this trade would have on good neighborly relations, peace and security. The report is based on extensive field research and the findings are used for dialogue between Congolese and Rwandan women traders, aiming to strengthen trust through addressing issues of common interest. The report makes recommendations to the traders, to Congolese and Rwandese authorities as well as to regional institutions on establishing cross-border markets, signing small-scale trade cooperation agreements and establishing a network of Congolese and Rwandese traders.

DRC, Rwanda
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