We are committed to managing the money donated to us efficiently and effectively.

We receive most of our funds in the form of restricted (project) or unrestricted (general support) grants from institutional funders – primarily governments, together with some charitable trusts and foundations. To diversify our funding, in recent years, we have begun exploring fundraising from private individuals and companies.

Over a quarter of our annual expenditure is passed on as grants to partner organisations. In some cases, this is because we lead a consortium, while in other cases the project involves building the capacity of a specific recipient organisation, or Alert learning from them. In addition, a number of NGOs receive small grants for their own specific projects.

Our expenditure in 2020


The breakdown of our total expenditure of £16.54 million in 2020 was as follows:

  • Mission goal 1: Working with people directly affected by violent conflict to find lasting solutions = £9.80 million (59%).
  • Mission goal 2: Shaping policies and practices to reduce and prevent violence, and to support sustainable peace = £4.86 million (29%).
  • Mission goal 3: Collaborating with all those striving for peace to strengthen our collective voice and impact = £1.50 million (9%).
  • Raising funds = £0.37 million (2%).

For detailed information about our financial accounts, please read our latest Annual Report and Accounts (31 December 2020). For previous accounts, see the website of the Charity Commission.

We are members of the International Aid Transparency Initiative, which makes information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand.