What role for oil majors in supporting sustainable peace and development in Angola? A survey of stakeholder perspectives

In 2002, International Alert conducted a short consultative research project examining the potential of oil majors to support peace in Angola. The research arose following an invitation from the oil and gas major Shell Group to Alert to assess the company’s stakeholder engagement and social investment strategy through the lens of its expertise in the challenges facing business operating in areas of conflict. Through conversations with about 40 individuals from key organisations both in and outside of Angola, as well as from within Shell, Alert's researchers sought to shed some light on the priority issues for achieving peace and development in the country at that time, as well as the appropriate role for an oil company such as Shell in contributing to these goals. The research also included a ‘stakeholder workshop’ organised by Shell that took place in London in July 2002. Alert set out to contextualise the research findings in an analysis of Shell’s approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities at both headquarter level and in Angola. This paper presents the findings of the research as a case study of stakeholder perspectives on existing corporate practice and opportunities in supporting peace.