2011 annual overview

In the last five years of International Alert's presence in Uganda, we have undertaken different interventions aimed at understanding conflict and building peace. We have provided analysis of topical conflict issues and trends, built the capacity of Ugandans to address conflict without resorting to violence and provided neutral spaces for active multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement to prevent and address conflicts. In 2011, we worked with the Ugandan business community to advocate for peaceful general elections, supported the peace and recovery process in northern Uganda, and promoted active engagement from key stakeholders in Uganda’s budding oil and gas industry. During the year, we started to work with other civil society organisations engaged in oil-related activities, engaged with the Ministry of Energy and supported members of parliament, and continued to provide support to oil information centres in Bunyoro, Rwenzori and West Nile sub-regions. We also continued undertaking different studies to help to understand current and potential conflicts, especially in oil-producing areas and northern Uganda, as it continues its recovery from almost two decades of war. The fundamental premise of Alert’s programme in Uganda has been that the links between economy and conflict have, to date, been overlooked too often in peacebuilding efforts. This document is intended to share information about our work in engaging economic issues and actors in promoting sustainable peace in Uganda.

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    October 2012
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