International Alert 2006 Annual Review

International Alert works with communities affected by violent conflict to end the fighting and build a peace which will last. Our unique, multi-faceted approach draws upon our field programmes and our thematic research to influence decision-making and shape peace processes. We also work to increase the expertise of peacebuilding practitioners and the profile of the peacebuilding sector through training and outreach.

2006 marked our 20th anniversary, celebrating our evolution and growth from being one of the first international NGOs devoted to building peace, to today being a leader in the field of peacebulding. We have built upon our two decades of experience to embrace new challenges and increase our institutional capacity.

In line with our 2006 organisational priorities, we:

  • broadened our current programmes through new work in Uganda and Guinea, and extended our work elsewhere
  • strengthened our field presence in Sri Lanka, South Caucasus and Democratic Republic of Congo
  • initiated an internal programme to improve programme design, monitoring and evaluation
  • strengthened our financial security through improved grant management, as well as efforts to diversify our funding base and secure voluntary income from individual donors and the private sector
  • stepped up our advocacy and outreach to audiences in the UK, as well as the EU and UN
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    July 2007
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