Harnessing oil for peace and development in Uganda


This second issue of International Alert, Uganda’s Investing in Peace briefing paper series reviews the current status of oil exploration, plans for production, and the policy environment for managing oil in Uganda. Its focus is on the potential for oil to trigger or exacerbate violent conflict in Uganda at different levels: national, local and cross-border with neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Alert’s research suggests that conflict risks associated with oil have to date been overlooked. Yet even at its current early stage of pre-production, oil has already contributed to an increase in tensions.

Moreover there is every danger that this could intensify as the sector moves into production and as new blocks are explored in the future. In order to contribute to the broader effort of harnessing Uganda’s oil for peace and development, this report promotes greater understanding of such conflict risks as an essential first step towards mitigation. It is Alert’s view that with a 'conflict-sensitive' approach to developing the industry, any future conflict related to oil can be avoided.