Enhancing socio-economic opportunities for ex-combatants in Uganda

This case study examines the difficulties of socio-economic reintegration faced not only by ex-combatants, but also by IDPs and war-affected youth in the post-conflict environment of Uganda. It discusses the marginalisation of former abductees in particular, with a focus on the specific challenges that the reintegration process posed for girls and women. The study underscores the importance of adopting a holistic approach, and of extending support to receiving communities so as to facilitate the return of former combatants and war-affected youth more generally. It furthermore highlights the potential of private sector actors to contribute to the design of socio-economic reintegration processes which are linked to realistic livelihood opportunities, and the need for donor interventions to provide long-term, sustainable support to beneficiaries. This report is part of the case study series, 'Enhancing socio-economic opportunities for ex-combatants in post-conflict environments'.