Enhancing socio-economic opportunities for ex-combatants in Liberia

Oversubscription, financial constraints, unrealistic timelines and a format transposed from other countries with insufficient consideration for the local context were some of the pitfalls of the disarmament, demobilisation, rehabilitation and reintegration process in Liberia.

This case study critically explores the effectiveness of the component geared towards providing ex-combatants with long-term livelihood opportunities and psycho-social support. It illustrates the drawbacks associated with limited involvement of the local business community and women’s groups in the design and implementation of the reintegration programme.

The study also discusses the importance of community-based initiatives and life-skills coaching, with a view to empowering ex-combatants to not only secure sustainable livelihoods but also contribute to the rebuilding of societies whose social and economic fabric has been disrupted by violent conflict.

This report is part of the case study series, 'Enhancing socio-economic opportunities for ex-combatants in post-conflict environments'.