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Zindagii Shoista: Living with dignity

A gender-relational approach to building community resilience and responses to violence against women and girls in Tajikistan

This project aims to help curb the levels of violence against women and girls in Tajikistan by empowering at-risk women and girls to provide for themselves economically as well as to seek more effective protection from domestic violence.

We will also increase awareness of domestic violence and gender issues through public debates and by sharing information, and will help to set up locally-led domestic violence prevention mechanisms.

A third to a half of women in Tajikistan are regularly subjected to different forms of domestic violence, including physical, psychological, economic and sexual. However, most of the cases go unreported, as the overall socio-economic environment condones the behaviour of perpetrators and prevents women and girls from seeking legal recourse.

This project seeks to create a socio-economic environment that enables women to enjoy greater protection from sexual and gender-based violence, with a particular focus on domestic violence. It will tackle the equally important structural factors that determine social responses to gender-based violence, through approaches that are multi-sectoral (focusing on economic empowerment, community mobilisation and awareness raising), integrated (working with both women and men) and bottom-up (finding local solutions and replicating them with community buy-in).

This project has been funded by the UK government, via the What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls global programme.


Tackling violence against women: lessons from Tajikistan

By fostering financial independence and giving families the tools to resolve their conflicts through discussion and understanding, we help Tajik women at risk of gender-based violence to be seen as valued members of society and be able to contribute to the family economically.