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Zaman Lafiya Hakin Mu (Peace is our obligation)

Strengthening peace through greater inclusive, coordinated and accountable security management in Borno State, Nigeria

The project has an overall goal to improve the effectiveness of security responses and protection of civilians through enhanced trust and collaboration between civilians and security forces in Borno State, Nigeria. This includes supporting community-based inclusive safety and security platforms for analysing, preventing and addressing violent conflict. As well as enhancing social cohesion within communities affected by violence.

The project will target Nigerian police deployed to the target areas, community members (ensuring representation of the various demographic groups), local government authorities and other security actors. Other formal and informal security stakeholders will also be engaged, including the military and civil defence corps, semi-formal vigilante groups like the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), informal vigilante groups like the “Yan Banga”, and various community groups who conduct security functions.

The project target sites are Bama, Dikwa, Gwoza and Ngala with specific focus on IDP camps and host communities in selected project locations.

If community-based security stakeholders, particularly the police and civilians, are better coordinated, more inclusive and more accountable in their decision-making, then communities will be better able to manage security and conflict threats, thereby contributing to improved resilience, stabilisation and social cohesion.

It started in October 2019 and will end in March 2021.