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Tushiriki wote (Let’s all participate)

Building peace through women’s economic empowerment and participation

This project promotes women's civil, political and economic empowerment in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the wider Great Lakes region.

We believe that empowering women through knowledge, networking and advocacy will lead to a more inclusive society in eastern DRC and sustainable peace in the Great Lakes.

Working through 14 civil society organisations, the project aims to increase gender equality and inclusiveness, improve women's access to economic resources and participation in civic and political life, and increase trust and collaboration on women's empowerment and participation in DRC and across the Great Lakes.

We support 37 community dialogue groups totalling 1,090 people (60% women, 40% men) across seven territories as well as 12 student groups totalling 355 people at universities in four cities in North and South Kivu provinces.

We have also supported 209 people from grassroots associations, political and administrative institutions and businesses, 65 traders' associations/cooperatives, 1,125 women small-scale cross-border traders and 115 border officials.