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Towards inclusive security governance of Tunisia’s border with Libya

Studying local community perceptions and experiences, and enhancing human security and border governance

This project will generate empirical evidence to improve the ability of policy-makers to understand and address the drivers and underlying causes of Tunisia’s border governance and security problems.

Our research has shown that tensions and conflicts on Tunisia’s borders are nothing new. They are linked to unsolved, underlying problems of socio-economic and political marginalisation, such as youth unemployment and the marginalisation of border areas, which have little autonomy or support from state institutions. Yet policy-makers have little knowledge of the complex dynamics of border security.

This project will develop a more nuanced understanding of the underlying causes of border security issues and ways to address these using evidence. In doing so, it will encourage a tailored approach to addressing the security priorities of the population, to ensure their participation in border security and the restoration of community confidence in the state.