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Tatyktoo zhasho (Living with dignity)

Ensuring key messages on preventing violence against women and girls reach religious communities

This project aimed to gain the support and involvement of religious leaders in the implementation of the National Action Plan on Gender (NAPG), as well as in a targeted communications campaign for different religious communities about preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

This work was in response to the sharp increase in domestic violence related to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the impact of quarantine and the longer-term effects, such as food and economic security, on VAWG.

Project activities included a review of the NAPG and the Kyrgyzstan government’s proposed post-COVID recovery planning to identify potential gaps and opportunities for religious communities, developing an action plan for more effective implementation of the NAPG in religious communities, having workshops on the action plan for the different ministries representatives responsible for the implementation of the NAPG and post COVID-19 planning and gender-sensitisation sessions for members of the Interfaith Working Group.

As a result, videos on VAWG prevention were produced and distributed among religious communities to raise awareness of the issues and prevent violence.

This project ran from September 2020 to January 2021.