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Syrian Platform for Peace

Engaging the Syrian diaspora in the UK

This project aims to strengthen the contribution of the Syrian diaspora in the UK in promoting peace in Syria.

Diaspora groups are not traditionally engaged in formal peace and dialogue processes in their countries of origin, but they can play a hugely important role in helping to prepare the ground for peacebuilding when the opportunities emerge.

We have been acting as an impartial facilitator to the process of establishing the Syrian Platform for Peace, a network that aims to provide a space for diaspora members to coordinate, learn from each other, and jointly work to influence policy and media discussions on Syria. The absence of such a network was a major challenge in the diaspora playing a more active role in supporting peace in Syria.

By facilitating the establishment of the network, we are supporting greater coordination of relief and development efforts by the diaspora, and encourage greater engagement between the diaspora and policy-makers.

This project builds on our experience of working with the Sri Lankan diaspora to promote peace in the UK and their country of heritage or origin.