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Supporting post-war reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Constructive diaspora engagement for peace

This project aims to strengthen the potential of Sri Lankan diaspora communities to contribute to peace in Sri Lanka. The diaspora can play an important role in supporting peace in Sri Lanka, but is often seen as a negative influence by the local media, policy-makers and public, and its diversity is rarely acknowledged. By developing greater interaction with and within the diaspora, we are increasing the openness of Sri Lankan decision-makers to working positively with the diaspora for peace. We bring together cross-party groups of young Sri Lankan MPs and political representatives with diaspora members from the UK. We also support second-generation Sri Lankans from different communities to participate in peacebuilding initiatives in Sri Lanka and within the diaspora community in the UK. This includes facilitating five visits for 18 diaspora members to Sri Lanka, where they met with MPs and officials, as well as local organisations working with conflict-affected communities.