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Social accountability and technology

Promoting peaceful development

This project aimed to understand how development actors, including the World Bank and African Development Bank, can integrate social accountability and conflict sensitivity into their programming, including through the use of technology.

Projects funded by development banks are implemented through existing governance structures. In fragile contexts, this means they often face challenges of inclusivity and accountability. Designing projects in a way that enhances accountability and overcomes some of the traditional barriers to access can help to improve community–state relations and build trust between citizens and their government.

We provided development actors with practical recommendations on how they can integrate accountability and conflict sensitivity into their projects. In doing so, we hope to impact the way they design and implement their community-driven development programming in fragile contexts, ensuring that it does not exacerbate the underlying causes of conflict and instead contributes to sustainable peace.

This included in-depth research and analysis of two large-scale development projects in Uganda, drawing out wider lessons and practical recommendations. It also included an investigation into what works in the use of technological solutions to social accountability challenges in fragile contexts.

This project ran from 2015–16.