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Psychosocial seeds for peace

Rebuilding social cohesion in Ukraine

This project aims to assist the reintegration and recovery of groups severely affected by the conflict in Ukraine and, in doing so, rebuild social cohesion in the country – an essential ingredient for longer-term peace.

It is known that exposure to war has long-lasting effects that go well beyond individual reactions and affect whole societies. One symptom of this trauma is apathy, or the feeling that as an ‘ordinary person’ you have no power or ability to change the situation. Long-term recovery from war is extremely difficult without first addressing this societal trauma.

We aim to establish partnerships and mechanisms between mental health and psychosocial support professionals and key governmental structures, in order to institutionalise standards and procedures to prevent and overcome the traumatic impact of war.

We also hope to develop locally-owned peacebuilding strategies within communities directly affected by conflict and among experts at the national level.