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Promoting conflict-sensitive aid

Strengthening the capacities of healthcare and humanitarian actors to implement programmes using a conflict-sensitive approach

This project, led by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and funded by the European Union, aims to strengthen the capacities of healthcare organisations in Lebanon to provide support to the local population and Syrian refugees in a way that does not exacerbate tensions.

Syrian refugees constitute close to a quarter of the population in Lebanon and, in the absence of refugee camps, live among the Lebanese in towns and villages across the country. Multiple aid agencies are providing humanitarian relief and health services to the displaced Syrians across the country. The aid has at times angered the local population, which also struggles to cover the high cost of healthcare in a highly privatised system.

We support healthcare providers, aid agencies and the Ministry of Public Health in tailoring their services and programmes to address the needs of both communities and promote peaceful relations, providing healthcare to the vulnerable while also alleviating tensions between the refugees and their hosts.

Through this project, 110 healthcare workers from health clinics improved their understanding of conflict and gained skills to deal with tensions and stress in the workplace, learning how to be more sensitive to the needs of their patients and handle the increased workload in the wake of the Syria crisis. 98% of participants rated the training they received as excellent or very good.