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Pamoja kwa amani (All together for peace)

Building peace from the bottom up, reinforcing local actions for peace in the Kivus

This project reinforced the impact of local peacebuilding efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by strengthening local peace actors working to address the underlying causes of conflict.

Conflicts in eastern DRC are not just caused by local factors, but are shaped by wider national and regional dynamics. So problems discussed and solutions developed at the community level need to reach and involve provincial and national representatives. This requires a bottom-up process that links local peace actors in the east with the higher-level dialogue taking place between civil society and the government in Kinshasa.

By building a network of peace actors, we encouraged greater collaboration and understanding of the collective impact they can have, and enabled them to better engage with higher-level government and international policy-makers.

The project supported 95 local peace actors through a network called 'Réseau Congolais des Artisans de Paix' (40 of whom received targeted support), increasing their collaboration and capacity to effectively use peacebuilding tools.

In doing so, we hope to improve the effectiveness of their ongoing work with communities and build – from the bottom up – these results into wider peacebuilding processes and mechanisms.