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Mediation and dialogue in the South Caucasus

A reflection on 15 years of conflict transformation initiatives

This initiative brought together third-party facilitators of peacebuilding initiatives underway in the South Caucasus since the 1990s, as well as local participants in the initiatives from opposing sides of the conflicts, to engage in individual and group reflection on the successes and failures of peacebuilding over the years.

Since the mid-1990s, international and local civil society actors have been engaged in a variety of initiatives aimed at transforming the conflicts in the South Caucasus. By 2007 there was a need to capture learning from these initiatives, in part out of a conviction that if there was going to be any meaningful impact, the knowledge and expertise gained should be shared with a wider audience.

The result is a book of essays, Mediation and dialogue in the South Caucasus, which maps the progress of a number of peacebuilding initiatives. The essays offer an insider's view of the vision and drive behind different conflict transformation initiatives, how they evolved over time, the participants' motivations, and the authors' own subjective assessment of success and failure. It also serves to suggest at what level civil diplomacy can have an influence and what it can achieve.

This project is part of the South Caucasus Mediation and Dialogue Initiative funded by the EU.