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Local development in Myanmar

A conflict-sensitive and social-cohesion responsive approach

This project supports the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to integrate conflict sensitivity and social cohesion responsiveness into poverty eradication and local development programmes in Myanmar.

Violent conflict erodes hard-won development gains and tears at the social fabric of communities. This is both a reality and a risk in conflict-affected areas of Myanmar. Equity is a necessity for social cohesion and development that is inequitable is often a cause of conflict. Myanmar needs local development approaches that are both responsive to conflict dynamics and social cohesion as well as avoid worsening tensions, and thus fully support peace.

We will equip the national government with new capacities and tools to successfully design and deliver development initiatives in a way that reflects and responds to local conflict dynamics, and therefore promotes peace. We will also help UNDP in Myanmar collate good practice on mainstreaming conflict sensitivity into development programmes, for use both nationally and internationally.