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Living in peace

International Alert, alongside local organisations the National Centre for Mediation (NCM) and Development Policy Institute (DPI), will support youth volunteer groups, civil society, and local self-government bodies to improve their conflict analysis, conflict-prevention and mediation skills in 25 districts.

Our goal is to create a resilient civil society, with strong peace-oriented youth movements, and ensure that the implementation of local government mandates in conflict prevention is effectively done. We want to engage young people in dialogue, and to promote the use of peaceful rhetoric and positive political culture through conflict prevention mechanisms, such as conflict sensitivity, pluralism, tolerance and non-violence, and the democratic cycle.

Within the project we are aiming to:

  • Conduct conflict prevention and mediations skills development sessions for civil society representatives and local government bodies.
  • Deliver 25 grants for initiatives based on community needs, which will allow civil society members to stimulate stronger conflict prevention mechanisms within their communities.
  • Deliver 25 small grants to local self-government bodies, based on the needs identified, to stimulate and organise stronger conflict prevention initiatives at the local level.
  • Establish a new national network of mediators with senior mentorship programmes.
  • Counter divisive narratives, offering alternatives that help to promote peaceful dialogue and positive political culture.
  • Actively liaise with youth volunteer groups to promote peaceful initiatives and positive political culture within the districts.

This will result in a more robust civil society better prepared to mitigate tensions, stronger peace-orientated youth movements, and more effective implementation of local governments’ conflict-prevention mandate. This will be complemented by higher-level political dialogue and analysis with key officials through a working group, which will discuss key issues fuelling violence and disseminate messages of tolerance, the rule of law, and respect for a pluralist democracy.

It started in April 2021 and will end in September 2022.