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Lebanon and the Syrian crisis

Harnessing local capacities for resilience

This project aims to strengthen local resilience to external conflicts and their effects on peace and security in Lebanon.

Although there is huge capacity for conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Lebanon, it is not used or mobilised to its full potential in contributing to national peacebuilding efforts. Also, the wider peacebuilding sector, including NGOs, donors and parts of the government, do not utilise the knowledge of local mediators in their programming.

We strive to give local, national and international stakeholders the capacity to respond effectively to the short- and long-term impact of the ongoing conflict in Syria. We do so through a combination of research, dialogue, training, advocacy and network-building.

We organise dialogue sessions for local, national and international actors, so they can increase their understanding of key issues necessary for strengthening community resilience in the face of the Syrian crisis. We also help to establish grassroots networks for collective conflict analysis, reflection and sharing of best practice.