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Enhancing inclusive and democratic governance on Tunisia’s borders with Algeria and Libya

This project is promoting inclusive and participatory governance in border regions in Tunisia, where local communities suffer from historical marginalisation, high unemployment rates, development challenges and insecurity.

The 18 month project, which began in April 2016, is being implemented across four border governorates with Libya and Algeria: Kasserine, Jeendouba, Medenine and Tatouine. Through our dialogue forums, advocacy campaigns, research and community initiatives, we are better understanding and addressing the security and development needs of vulnerable communities in these regions.

Dialogue forums are achieving this by building trust and collaboration between civil society organisations and local authorities. They identify recommendations based on consultations with local communities, which are then pushed forward strategically through advocacy campaigns.

Our research and publications also aim to improve understanding among both civil society and authorities of the challenges facing border communities. They provide objective, well-informed analysis and propose alternative policies. Proposed research topics include school dropouts, water resources, women and access to justice.

The project is also developing and supporting community-led initiatives that tackle social and economic exclusion, and a film is being produced about development challenges in Kasserine.