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Cross-conflict analysis and outreach

Opening up discussion on the Nagorny Karabakh conflict through fresh analysis and alternative perspectives

This project brings together experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorny Karabakh in reflection on existing peacebuilding initiatives and collaborative analysis of lessons from other conflicts (including Northern Ireland and the Basque Country), offering a lens for exploring alternative conflict transformation mechanisms.

Conflicting parties have failed to reach a mutually acceptable political resolution over Nagorny Karabakh since the official ceasefire in 1994. Civil society groups have engaged in various peacebuilding activities, but have limited resources in contrast with political actors with an interest in prolonging the conflict. Mainstream society has few spaces to discuss the conflict and is isolated from discussions at the political level.

The research from this project is the focus of discussion events across the region, including in hard-to-reach and marginalised communities, offering new perspectives through which to discuss peacebuilding possibilities and involving those who do not usually have opportunities to engage in the debate. The inclusive format of the project enables analysis from all sides on lessons for the Nagorny Karabakh context, demonstrating a positive example of collaboration.