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COVID-19 response with the engagement of religious community

The project is aimed at reducing the vulnerability of religious communities to COVID-19 through sensitive messaging, the empowerment of the State Commission on Religious Affairs (SCRA) and religious figures to mitigate secular-religious tension in virtual spaces, and connecting religious communities to the wider (secular) society in Kyrgyzstan.

Working closely with religious leaders, religious organisations, government agencies, media actors, and civil society over the past few years has allowed Alert to develop the necessary networks to engage in meaningful dialogue with a diverse group of influential figures. We will work with them to promote understanding and tolerance, and share accurate information to inform different communities, counter misinformation on COVID-19 with a focus on vulnerable groups and support social cohesion efforts, including in virtual spaces (as demanded by the conditions surrounding COVID-19).

International Alert's Inter-faith working group, with the support of the State Commission for Religious Affairs in the Kyrgyz Republic, will work on issues related to the COVID-19 crisis and will further contribute to the development of the foundations of a social partnership between state, secular and religious organisations based on mutual trust and respect.

We will develop conflict and gender sensitive communications products, online educational materials in partnership with experts for religious influencers to use, and guidelines and recommendations on conflict sensitivity for the government and media actors to ensure they are conflict and gender sensitive regarding their messaging, work on, or coverage of COVID-19.

It started in July 2020 and will end in April 2021.