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Building bridges

Promoting the role and capacity of civil society in Tajikistan

This project promotes greater inclusiveness and pluralism in policy-making processes in Tajikistan, particularly on key social and economic challenges such as democracy and development.

Tajikistan faces a number of daunting economic and social challenges that the government and international community have found difficult to tackle. Historically, Tajik civil society has played an important role in advancing peace and development in the country, but its contribution has diminished significantly over the last decade. Supporting civil society today will help counter this trend and lead to more sustainable solutions.

We will strengthen the role that civil society actors play within policy-making processes and increase their ability to build consensus around sustainable solutions, utilising Tajikistan’s tradition of tolerance and dialogue. Our activities include research, dialogue events and training workshops.

The project will benefit over 400 members of Tajikistan’s civil society in various locations across the country. Our aim is to improve their skills in facilitating dialogue and building consensus, which we hope will result in greater collaboration among civil society members in the future.