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Borders for all

Community-based approaches to border security in North Africa

This project aims to identify community perceptions of security threats and smuggling in Tunisia. It also seeks to establish a dialogue process to help the government, security forces and communities in Kasserine to develop a common understanding of the security challenges facing the region and to acquire the skills needed to comprehensively tackle them.

The provision of security in accordance with the rule of law and respect of human rights is one of the main requirements for a peaceful, democratic society and sustained social and economic development. In Tunisia, the collapse of the Ben Ali regime has provoked insecurity and porosity in border regions and increased the threats of political violence, trafficking and organised crime, complicating Tunisia’s democratic transition.

This project has increased community involvement in, and support for, border management activities. Research was first carried out to contribute to a better understanding of border security needs and dynamics. We then worked with communities, local authorities and border management agencies to design and implement initiatives that responded to identified human security and development needs.