Training African Union staff on results-based management

We have conducted in-depth training on a number of peacebuilding topics for staff from the African Union Commission (AUC).

The training was also for members of different African Union Liaison Offices (AULOs) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) – groupings of African states that were set up to improve regional economic integration. RECs are also increasingly involved in coordinating their states’ interests in wider areas such as peace and security.

One of the main themes of the training was results-based management (RBM) - a management strategy by which everyone who is contributing to achieving a set of results, whether directly or indirectly, ensures that they are functioning in a way that contributes to obtaining these desired results. The actual results are then used to inform decision-making on how programmes are designed, delivered and reported on.

Our training sessions brought together staff from the AUC, RECs and four AULOs: Chad, Democratic Republic Congo, Liberia and the African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA).

It differed to previous RBM trainings because it was conducted by African Union (AU) staff who we had already trained extensively in Ethiopia. This sustainable approach will ensure the AU can use its staff to conduct similar trainings in the future. A short and simple RBM handbook is also being developed both in English and French which trainers and trainees can use as a reference.

During the evaluation, one of the trainees said that RBM principles are applicable at home and the workplace, stating RBM would help with reporting on results and impacts achieved rather than simply listing activities.

Two departments of the AUC collaborated in organising and conducting the RBM trainings. These have so far improved the skills of more than 40 staff members, with more trainings being planned for the future.

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