Towards a results-centred approach

International Alert and the Peace and Security Department of the African Union Commission (AUC) recently conducted an intensive training course on results-based management for African Union (AU) Liaison Officers and AUC staff.

Funded by the Swedish government, the training was held in Bahir Dar in Ethiopia from 28 September to 2 October and was attended by 20 officers representing the AU Liaison Offices in Burundi, the Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Guinea Bissau, Libya, Liberia, Mali and the Sahel, and South Sudan. The officers came from a wide range of fields – from finance and accounting to human rights and post-conflict reconstruction.

Results-based management is a management strategy based on achieving changes in organisational operations through organisational learning and performance reporting, which is useful in the officers’ daily work. They were trained on the basic principles of results-based work planning, project implementation, risk management, performance monitoring and evaluation.

For Iyah Onuk, Head of the AUC Peace and Security Project Management Team, the importance of this training for the officers lay not only in integrating their learnings within their work on the ground, but also in sharing it with other colleagues. He said, “I trust that the training has equipped you with the understanding and the necessary skills needed to enhance your performance. Beyond applying what you have learned here, I hope that you will impart this knowledge to your peers with a view of increasing the overall effectiveness, accountability and relevance of the AU Liaison Offices.”

Dr Lulsegged Abebe, Senior Adviser to the AU at International Alert, emphasised the importance of the training for the officers, saying that, “It is my sincere hope that one of the outcomes of this training workshop is that you will reorient the management frameworks in your respective Liaison Offices towards a results-centred approach.”

The training was part of a larger project between Alert and the AUC Peace and Security Department aimed at enhancing the capacity of AU Liaison Offices to engage with a wide variety of civil society, government, media and academic actors. The training was therefore a welcome measure in contributing to a highly engaged and widely accepted African Union.

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