International Women’s Day 2016

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8 March to reflect on the progress made in gender equality, to celebrate the inspirational work of women, and to recognise the challenges.

The theme for this year is #PledgeForParity. Progress towards gender parity has slowed in many places, with the World Economic Forum now predicting that the gender gap will not close entirely until 2133. This year’s campaign is therefore calling for everyone – men and women – to pledge for purposeful action to help achieve gender parity more quickly.

In the run up to International Women’s Day 2016, we are profiling our female peacebuilders around the world and asking them: What does gender parity mean for peace?

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Inna, Ukraine

"Women play an instrumental role in encouraging peace and reconciliation processes in post-conflict countries"

Amani, Syria

“Wherever there is conflict, women must be part of the solution. Women have a prominent role in spreading a culture of peace”

Judy, Philippines

"I remember how my mother and grandmother settled quarrels at home or checked bad behavior by talking it out"

Hajjiya, Nigeria

"Engaging communities to listen properly to victims' concerns can help to ease tensions and pave the way for their reintegration"

Subhiya, Tajikistan

"There is a lot more associated with this day than just flowers. An appreciation for being a woman and a human being should not be limited to one day"

Myat, Myanmar

"Politicians and development projects must understand that an awareness of gender issues is critical if we are to build long-term peace in Myanmar"

Sahara, Philippines

“There are employment opportunities for Filipino women but our culture still expects us to take care of the household”

Aida, Lebanon

“Women and men should empower one another in order to build peace in the region”

Harriet, England

“It is still so difficult for women who are struggling in low paid jobs or who cannot afford childcare. It’s also tough for women to get to the top”

Yagana, Nigeria

“I am so inspired by the resilience of the women I met in rural villages”

Reem, Syria

"Women will be a vital part of any future peace process in Syria"

Solange, DRC

"We are demanding equal representation of men and women in this year's election and peace process"

Kimairis, USA

“As the US continues to support and advocate for greater gender equality in the world, it struggles to apply its own principles at home”

Gender and peacebuilding – our approach

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