How can education support peace in Lebanon?

International Alert held a conference in Beirut to discuss the power of education to improve peaceful relations in Lebanon, which is facing growing pressures and tensions because of the Syrian refugee crisis.

The event brought together over 40 representatives of Lebanese government, civil society, UN agencies and academia to discuss the ways education can improve social stability in the country. It was organised as the final event of Change in exile – our research project with Roskilde University in Denmark.

Watch panellists Rania Zakhia, Education Specialist at UNICEF Lebanon, and our lead Researcher Lana Khattab share some insights from our upcoming report on this topic. We also hear from our Middle East and North Africa Programmes Manager Rebecca Crozier.

One of the key findings is that non-formal education programmes, particularly community-based initiatives with longer-term funding, are vital to improving relations among and between children and their families.

Find out more about the report.