Fostering hope: Supporting peacebuilding in Syrian communities

International Alert have supported the House of Peace (HOPE) in holding the “Building Social Peace” training of trainers (TOT) on peacebuilding in Syrian communities.

The TOT lasted for five days and provided a group of assistant trainers with information and tools to promote peacebuilding in these challenging settings.

“Participants were very interested in enhancing their knowledge of peacebuilding and were keen on exploring what works and what doesn’t in the field”, said our Lebanon Country Director Chiara Butti. “I think this is a very important discussion that International Alert and House of Peace tackled jointly to highlight that peace, is indeed, within our power.”

HOPE is a project that aims to support peacebuilding in Syrian communities by providing safe spaces and tools to workers in humanitarian fields and to host and refugee communities, to encourage them to make practical steps to create change.

The training brought together 17 Arabic speaking participants aged 20-35 from different international and local NGOs who are interested in humanitarian affairs and peacebuilding. They are now equipped to support HOPE’s peacebuilding activities when they are implemented in different regions across Lebanon.

A main focus of discussions was on the challenges of achieving social peace, particularly between NGOs, trainers and beneficiaries, and how to overcome these challenges. Trainees also learned how to apply their newly acquired tools in a manner that does not cause harm to the beneficiaries.

“The training is full of energy, strong communication and it doesn’t focus on putting theory in solid boxes. What marked me the most is that it takes into consideration the expertise and lessons learned of others. The training is really bringing us together”, said Hala, a 25-year-old participant.

For more information on the training visit the HOPE Facebook page.